Ukoo ISO Maker

Ukoo ISO Maker 2.4

A program to convert your files to ISO format and burn them to discs
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Managing of file archives and their conversion to ISO format is very easy with the Ukoo ISO Maker program. This piece of software not only helped me to create ISO files from my files, folders and CD/DVDs, but also helped me to burn them to new discs. I found the program easy to install, and its interface makes it look like a Windows file manager, with button controls that make converting and burning your files simple. The Ukoo ISO Maker is perfectly suitable for busy professionals and saves lots of valuable time by making this type of assembly of archives a more speedy process.

I think that taking care of data is an important task, and Ukoo ISO Maker is a good program for distributing software across the Internet - files can be sent by email right from the program's interface. All I had to do to carry out my archiving tasks was launch the program, click on "File to ISO" and then "Add Files", select the files I wanted to convert, select "Save to ISO", and finally, click Yes to save my files and finish the task. The steps are just as simple for creating and burning CDs/DVDs, or making ISO files from physical discs.

R. Fernandez
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  • Trial is limited to 100 Mb of data
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